2019 Survey Results

Awareness of Mental Health Ministry at St. Francis of Assisi

February 2019, 1000 parishioners

Summary: In Feb 2019,  we created and distributed a survey regarding the Awareness of Mental Health Ministry at St. Francis of Assisi to almost 1000 parishioners. Results do not add up to 100. Some questions were not answered.  


1) Would you like to increase your mental health awareness and receive information to get help for individuals with mental illness?
2) Do you believe Christians have a responsibility to care for and to support those who are living with mental illness?
3) Would you or your family be interested in an informative session on mental illness?
4) If yes, what day or time of the week would be most convenient? Answers varied. Most popular:

Parents in the JOY Program

2019, 63 parishioners

Summary: In 2019, Lisa Nakamura created and distributed surveys to 63 parents in the JOY program. Here are the results by the number of responses (NOT Percentages).


1) In what area of family life do you feel most challenged?
2) If the parish could help you in one area of family life, which would you choose? (These choices were ranked 1-4)

3) Other Concerns

Detoxing/weaning family members from digital technology that takes away from family time.

Teens in Youth Ministry

May 2019, 52 teens

Summary: In May 2019, Kevin Bernaga surveyed 52 teens in Youth Ministry about Mental Health Concerns.


Mental Health Concerns Among Teens in Youth Ministry

Catholic Institute for Mental Health Ministry (CIMHM)

November 2019, 809 parishioners

Summary: In November 2019, we distributed a survey created by the Catholic Institute for Mental Health Ministry (CIMHM) to 809 parishioners at the end of Mass. The survey was available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.


1) My church has a mental health ministry.
2) My church is friendly to people with mental illness problems.
3) Mental Health Information is available at my church.
4) Prayer cards for Mental Health are available.
5) My church provides referrals to Mental Health Professionals.
6) I have attended Mental Health Education Events.
7) My church offers prayer services for those affected by mental health conditions.
8) I would talk to my pastor about mental health problems.
9) I know Mental Health Ministry Members at my church.
10) I would talk to a Mental Health Minister about problems.