TRUST. Step Out Boldly in Faith!

Trust is key to spiritual, mental, emotional, and relational health.  Recently, in a live-streamed homily to about 1000 children, homeschooled due to COVID-19, Fr. Brendan McGuire at Holy Spirit Parish offered an acronym for the word TRUST. It is fitting for these times and readings.

Thankful. Write a gratitude list of three items for which you are grateful. The more specific, the better. Instead of writing “family,” write a specific name and quality of that person for which you are grateful.

Rely on God and others.  Americans pride themselves on Rugged Individualism. Thus, they block the gift of interdependence on others. They also shun the virtue of humility, acknowledging dependence on God. As St. Theresa of Lisieux wrote, “All is grace.”

U nderstand and Accept Mystery. In a recent Understanding Anxiety Workshop at Kaiser, therapist Dan Bryant said, “The key to inner peace is acceptance.”  Accept you do not know everything. Accept the mystery of What Is. Accept ambiguity. Accept uncertainty. Accept Mystery Unfolding.

Seek to do God’s Will. If this idea ties you in knots, simply follow three words: Love one another. Love is seeing the good in the other and telling them so. We now hurry & scurry less, how about taking time now to see the good in another and tell them so?

T urn your worries over to God. Scripture offers 366 counsels for practicing courage. Here are three. “Courage! It is I.”  Be not afraid!” “Rise. Pick up your mat and walk!” Choose one of these as your mantra and step out boldly in faith

Just a reminder: for daily well-being, practice TRUST and MEDSSS: Meditation~Prayer-Exercise-Diet-Sleep & Socialize, Surrender.

Barbara F. Zahner

BCC 3GEN+ Coordinator

Meet the Author

Barbara Zahner

BCC 3GEN+ Coordinator

Barbara Zahner is the co-founder of parish-based diocesan mental health ministry and Out of the Wilderness, suicide bereavement support.

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